These early literacy resources are for parents and early childhood teachers. There are four categories with helpful resources: Family Activities, Local Resources, Reading Tip for Parents, and Resources for Families of Children with Disabilities. Family Activities includes suggestions for parents to promote the acquisition of language and literacy in their children. Local Resources is a collective organization of public and private agencies from around the state of Kansas to help parents improve their children's success in learning to read and write. Reading Tips for Parents has websites for parents with book lists for children's book listed by age, reading tips for parents and information for parents on early literacy skills. Resources for Families of Children with Disabilities offers low tech adaptive suggestions for parents of children with disabilities, and articles for parents on how to help their children receive any extra help that may be needed to succeed in reading. Writing Resources includes pictures and descriptions of the developmental stages of writing for young children, and how parents can best support emergent writing skills.

Family Activities

Center For Early Literacy Learning

Raising Readers

Local Resources for Families

Early Literacy Development

Reading Tips for Parents

Multnomah County Library

Reading Tips for Parents of Preschoolers

Resources for Families of Children with Disabilities

Adapting Literacy Activities for Young Children

Reading Rockets

Writing Resources

Developmental Stages of Writing

Emergent writing

Prewriting Skills to Support Early Writing

Early Literacy Brochure

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