"Children With Spina Bifida" A Parent's Guide 2nd Edition

By Lutkenhoff, R.N., M.S.N.


Resource Description:

This book is a comprehensive resource guide for parents with a child diagnosed with Spina Bifida. The author herself is a parent of a child with Spina Bifida, so her viewpoints are shared along with researched information. This book provides information on causes of this disorder as well as how it is diagnosed. The text also contains information on grieving, neurosurgery, urologic concerns, education, development, and much more.

Obtaining the Resource

This book can be purchased on Amazon.com, at local libraries, and in some bookstores. The book costs about $17.00.

This resource is helpful for:

This resource guide is targeted at parents with a child diagnosed with Spina Bifida, however, it also can be helpful to educators wishing to learn more. The book is very thorough and contains information on all areas including causes, diagnosis, and general education on Spina Bifida.