"Many Things"

At home activities for ELL Students and Parents


Resource Description:

This is a website that offers games and activities that help ELL’s learn the English language. It offers word games, puzzles, quizzes and more. This site focuses on grammar, speaking, listening, and reading the English language. It also offers insight on schools in the United States. This is a great resource for parents to use at home or on a library computer.

Obtaining the Resource


This resource is helpful for:

Parents to assist in their child's education at home.
**For parents who do not have access to a computer or who may be struggling English language learners themselves, you may ask your child’s teacher or another professional at the school for assistance. They may be able to print out information from these websites or even give your child extra computer time at school to help him/her succeed. Always remember that you and the school are a team that is striving for your child’s success.

The Parents Guide to their ELL Child (Home)