"An Introduction to Spina Bifida"

By: David G. McLone, MD, PhD and Robin M. Bowman, MD


Resource Description:

If you are wanting a resource that provides an overview of Spina Bifida along with other problems associated with the disability this booklet is for you. The 27 page booklet provides an overview of Spina Bifida along with possible treatments needed. Possible treatments that a child may experience are listed and this prepares the educator for therapies that may be given. The booklet provides related concerns that are associated with Spina Bifida so educators and families are aware of what else to be aware of with a child with Spina Bifida. The large glossary in the back of this pamphlet gives definitions of words associated with Spina Bifida such as "orthotic management".

Obtaining the Resource

To obtain this booklet, p

lease, contact:

Children's Memorial Hospital

Spina Bifida Team
2300 Children's Plaza, Box 28
Chicago, IL 60614-3394
Phone: 773-880-4430

This resource is helpful for:

This information would be crucial for an educator to have if serving a child with special needs. This resource contains information on treatments, concerns, and has a glossary in the back of the booklet assists in learning the terminology associated with Spina Bifida.