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4b4the4th is a campaign that raises awareness and funding for Spina Bifida research, care, education and prevention. Not only does it raise money – but it also gives away cash prizes. Join the group on Facebook or Twitter; these social networking pages keep you up to date with Spina Bifida Association and other programs. Make a donation in 4’s (ex: $4.44, $14.44, $44.44, etc) then ask 4,14, 44 or more friends to do the same. Together you can raise enough money to provide women with folic acid, important information and referrals to individuals with Spina Bifida, a child a day at KIDS! Camp, and help donate money for research. This is such a great idea because social networking is huge right now. This is such an easy and fun way to spread the word and raise awareness and money for a great cause. If you don’t belong to a social networking site, you can do the same thing through email.

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This is a very helpful website for families, professionals and individuals looking to get involved in donating and participating in events to benefit the Spina Bifida community. 4b4the4th is a great way for people to network, raise awareness, and fund research.